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My name is Tony and I live in Fort McMurray AB. For the past six weeks I have been suffering with sciatica pain running from my right hip all the way down to my right foot. The pain was so intense sometime I was close to tears. I could not sleep or walk. My foot would get so numb that I could not feel the floor when trying to walk. I saw my doctor many times and he kept increasing my dose of Lyrica and Celebrex to try and ease the pain. I was also going to the Chiropractor and Physiotheraphy and spent well over a thousand dollars. It would help some but the pain was still unbearable sometimes. I have missed 21 days of work to this point. My Daughter was at a shoppers drug mart and saw The Worlds Best cream being displayed in the front of the store and inquired about it and bought a jar for me to try. The first time I put it on I coated my leg from my hip to the tip of my toes and within fifteen minutes I found relief. I could walk without limping and thank goodness I had little pain. It's been seven days now and I feel great. I expect to return to work soon upon my doctors approval. I am on my second jar but I only apply it two times a day now and it feels great. I am not totally cured from sciatica yet because its caused by lower back problems and I will continue physio but without so much pain. Thank you Bill so much for your creation and the name is truly right, it is The Worlds Best Cream. Regards, Tony.

Thank-you for an amazing year again as we look forward to changes.

Wishing you a Happy and pain free year in 2015,

Bill, God Bless

Available soon – Pain relief in your Bath!

Introducing  “His and Hers Therapeutic Copper Bath Bombs”

Bill has now combined his proprietary copper powder with natural ingredients to produce a Bath Bomb that will make a soak in the tub something special.  Keep your eye out for purchasing information coming soon!

Your body needs copper and now there’s an all-natural, simple, smart, and safe way to get it. For thousands of years, dating back to the time of Cleopatra, copper has been recognized for its many health and beauty benefits – from increasing energy levels – to reducing pain associated with swelling, inflammation and arthritis. Indeed, millions of people worldwide wear copper bracelets and other jewellery to help mitigate pain. We’ve combined our proprietary copper powder with other essential oils for a unique, one-of-a-kind product that our customers love.

If you use Worlds Best Cream and have an Amazon account, please post a review of the wonderful relief you get with the cream so that others can learn what you know:  Worlds Best Cream is Relief in a little gold jar!

 Worlds Best Cream is now available in Canada at with free shipping. 

You can now purchase Worlds Best Cream in Quebec, at Clinique Chiropratique Les Becquets in Saint-Pierre-Les-Becquets, Sante Globale par L`Hypnose in Biencourt, from Jacqueline Bouffard in Stoneham.  Our newest supplier in the Hamilton area is Irene Ipperciel.  More locations in Quebec coming soon. Thomson Guardian Pharmacy in Leamington, Blooming Bouquet Flowers and Gifts in Kapuskasing, Bancroft Home Hardware and Little Bit Country in Timmins  have joined our retail family.  Worlds Best Cream can also be purchased in Morden, MB at the Apothecary of Morden Inc. and Medicine Shop Pharmacy in Powell River, BC. Find the address of these and many more retailers across Canada!! See our Retailers Page for a complete list of retail locations across the country and come back daily as we are adding new locations.  Let your local pharmacy know about Worlds Best Cream and they could be the first in your community to offer Worlds Best Cream.


Simply rub the moisturizing cream to the area of pain or inflammation when, and as often as needed.

COMING  SOON!!!!! Keep your eyes open for the launch of our  custom tailored Neuropathy Cream in Spring 2015


Worlds Best Cream EQUINE Product for horses.  Call 705-262-9074 for details.


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