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Customer Testimonials

"Sometime in March, a friend invited me to attend a “show” at the Fish and Game Club. I went, and when he introduced the Worlds Best Cream, I thought: that would be great for my husband, who is always complaining about the aches in his knees.  Charles served 25 years with the Canadian Forces, and he was injured while on a tour of duty to Bosnia in 1996 and again in 2001. While I made several attempts to encourage my husband to apply the cream on a daily basis, he stubbornly refused to do so. A few days passed and I thought to myself, what the heck, [waste not want not] and started to apply the cream to my neck and shoulders. Over time, I purchased another jar or two. When the jar was used up I didn’t replenish it because I was going regularly to the chiropractor for neck adjustments. It wasn’t until the next morning, when I had a particularly distressing reaction to a chiropractic adjustment, that I realized the solution to my pain was within my reach. That evening, I began to apply the World’s Best Cream to my neck and the tops of my shoulders. I have been doing so every morning and every night without fail the last few months and I have not had to return the chiropractor. My aches have subsided, and my discomfort is minimal. Thank you for introducing me to Worlds Best Cream!!" - Ginette P.

"My name is Nicky. I am sending you some feed back about your cream. To say the least it is the best product on the market for pain. First, my husband has a problem with chronic soreness that gives him pain all the time in the back of his neck. We tried your cream before going to bed last night and this morning when he woke up he said that he never had such relief! He is using (our first jar) with sparseness because he doesn't want to run out. Second, my mother in law has arthritic pain in her knees and hips - she also tried the cream and believe me - she's a hard one to convince of anything. She loves working in her flower garden - but it has been hard with the excruciating pain in her knees and hips - so she gladly volunteered to use your cream. She called me all excited and said "I don't know what he has in this cream but tell him not to change a thing - this is the best product ever - it works MIRACLES!!!" - Nicky S.

"Hi, just wanted to tell you about my experience using your cream.  Two years ago I had back surgery.  I had a cyst between lumbar 4 and 5.  The sciatic nerve was severely pinched because of the cyst and I could barely walk.  The pain was so intense that none of the prescription pain killers I was prescribed would even touch the pain.  I was told about your cream just before surgery.  I tried it but it did not take the pain away.  Shortly after surgery, I tried the cream again.  It is like magic.  My back has not hurt since surgery, but if I overdo it at work, the sciatic nerve is very painful.  I apply the cream before bed and in the morning I am completely pain free. I cannot thank you enough for this cream.  It has been a life saver." - Lori J.

"Your product is very well named. The past few weeks my wrists have been sore and were continually getting swollen and more sore. We purchased Worlds Best Cream in Belleville and when we were out of the store I applied the cream to my wrists. When I applied the cream within five minutes my wrists were feeling better and the swelling was lessening. After using your cream for four days my wrists feel and look normal again. This is wonderful as I have recently retired and want to spend more time with my interests of playing guitar, pottery and many other interests to enjoy. Thank you for such great results." - Roger P.

"I have tried many products over the years to try and alleviate my pain. None have done what this cream has done! I am incredibly grateful to have found them!" - Chelsey W.

"After just 4 days of using the cream, my hands FINALLY quit hurting after years of trying other things. It's a miracle! Thank-you so much for inventing this cream. My life is better." - Anne B.