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WBC Story

Behind the Innovation: The Birth of WBC Pain Relief

They say that great ideas undergo a transformative journey. Initially disregarded, then met with skepticism, and eventually recognized as undeniable truths. In the annals of pain relief history, future historians will undoubtedly assign a special place to Bill Burley, an unassuming individual from Northern Ontario. Equipped with centuries of wisdom and an unwavering determination, Bill embarked on a quest to discover a natural remedy for the widespread issue of chronic pain. It is hardly surprising that he succeeded in formulating World's Best Cream, a product that emerged as a natural culmination of his lifelong pursuit and unyielding passion for the unknown. Drawing from personal experiences of pain and the afflictions of those around him, Bill honed in on the remarkable potential of precious metals, notably copper. After over a year of rigorous research, he became convinced that copper held the key to unlocking the realm of pain relief.

In addition to his work as a farrier, Bill's insatiable curiosity led him to a series of noteworthy inventions. He pioneered his own bio-fuel, offering an alternative to diesel, and even ventured into the development of a hydrogen fuel cell that harnessed energy from water. Leveraging his chemistry knowledge acquired during the exploration of bio-fuels and hydrogen fuel cells, he skillfully extracted copper from solid bars, creating the very first iteration of copper cream. By applying it to alleviate the pain in his hands and sharing it with his wife and friends who also suffered, they all recognized the potential of Bill's creation. Bill's ingenuity in harnessing the power of copper paid off, benefiting tens of thousands of pain and arthritis sufferers worldwide, soon to be millions, who have found solace in his remarkable invention.

The process all began in 2008 as Bill attended small fairs so he could get the cream into the hands of people to try.  The first big show was the International Plowing Match held in Earlton in 2009. With the support of FedNor, a federal Government agency for Northern Ontario, Bill established a booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, which was a big boost for the cream at the time.

Bill continued to work with a formulator to make it an all-natural cream and to stabilize the colour and consistency of the cream. Bill’s invention caught the attention of CTV News.  They did an interview with Bill and Dr. Luc Lemire and the story went National. Demand exploded.  Calls and orders began to pour in from across Canada.  Bill’s Faith in God has helped him stay focused and humble. As of today, “Worlds Best Cream” is now sold across Canada and internationally.
The first version of the copper cream was dark brown and it was called “Mr. Arthritic Cream”.  As the word spread, demand grew.  More and more people wanted to try Bill’s cream and he patiently modified the formula, always maintaining natural ingredients but making it easier and more pleasant to use.  He quickly partnered with a professional formulator to create a natural cream that was both stable and that he could start to sell.  After years of sharing and selling his amazing discovery at local fairs,  this natural remedy has been perfected to maximize the power of copper.

As the testimonies poured in from people all across Ontario who tried and purchased the cream at local fairs – it was clear that the product needed a new name. 

His loyal and happy customers used a number of phrases to describe the product but the most common one,  time and time again, was “this is the worlds best cream”.  The cream is now sold in hundreds of stores across Canada and has been fully certified as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada.
Combined with other natural ingredients “Worlds Best Cream” is much more than a proven effective remedy for pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, back pain, muscle joint aches and pains. This cream is an example of what ingenuity can lead to when one is unafraid to seek out the answers to questions that we all ask ourselves but are too timid or indifferent to pursue.

Bill Burley is a man of distinction,  yet you probably wouldn’t pick him out of a crowd. He is a humble man, with a simple and honest background.  His story is one rooted in his quest to understand how and why things become what we see and understand them to be. He is always asking questions, as many of us do. However, what sets him apart is that he does not shy away from actually searching and finding an answer.