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Equine Copper Flex

Sale price$149.95 CAD

Introducing WBC Equine Copper Flex, a specially developed supplement weighing 400 grams, crafted by a seasoned farrier and horseman with over 40 years of experience in the equine industry. With a deep understanding of joint issues faced by horses, this formulation aims to ease discomfort and promote joint comfort and mobility. By supporting connective tissue and joint flexibility, WBC Equine Copper Flex is designed to enhance the well-being of trail horses, performance horses, and horses of all ages.
Equine Copper Flex
Equine Copper Flex Sale price$149.95 CAD

What Makes Our Product Different

WBC Equine Copper Flex stands out among other horse supplements with its unique formulation and the expertise of its creator, a seasoned farrier and horseman. This specialized supplement specifically targets joint issues commonly faced by horses, offering support for connective tissue and joint flexibility. What sets WBC Equine Copper Flex apart is its incorporation of copper, which has been extensively researched and shown to provide various benefits for connective tissue, bone, and joint health.

How & When To Use It

For first-time use: Feed 2 scoops of the supplement daily for a duration of 7 days.

Regular Use: After the initial 7 days, feed 1 scoop of the supplement daily.

Maintenance Use: Once the equine has been on the supplement for 60 to 90 days and has experienced improved joint health, a maintenance dose of ½ scoop daily can be used at the owner's discretion. However, if there is a decrease in joint health, it is recommended to resume the regular daily dose of 1 scoop.

The product provides a 30-day supply for the first month of use, a 37-day supply for the regular dose, and a 74-day supply for the maintenance dose. These guidelines ensure that the equine receives the appropriate dosage based on their individual needs and response to the supplement.

Simple & Effective Ingredients

WBC Equine Copper Flex contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients to support joint health and mobility in horses. The key ingredients include:

Bran: Bran is a nutritious component derived from grain processing. It provides dietary fiber and essential nutrients that contribute to overall equine health.

Mineral Salt: Mineral salt is a source of important minerals that are necessary for optimal horse nutrition. These minerals support various bodily functions, including bone health and muscle function.

Cuprous Oxide (Copper): Copper is a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in supporting connective tissue, bone health, and joint function. It is known to promote healthy joint mobility and reduce inflammation.